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GT1906         Standard hook, sewing area: 60x40mm
GT1906-BH   Large hook, sewing area: 60x40mm

This machine is electronic small pattern sewing machine with input function panel. The highest sewing speed can be 2500SPM, with direct drive servo motor, and dry machine head technology which ensures no pollution on the material surface. It is suitable for sewing trademark, nameplate, label, etc.

GT210E-1306   Sewing area:130x60mm 

GT210E-2210   Sewing area:220x100mm

This series machines are the high speed computer-controlled cycle machine with

input function.Semi-dry machine head with the durable mechanical and electric 

components, programmable intermediate presser foot ensures multi-layers materials 

stitch easily and smoothly, electric thread tension regulation, modern fashion large 

screen touchable panel, easy and simple pattern edit software with USB pattern

transfer between machines and PC. Suitable for free pattern sewing, parts sewing, 

reinforced stitching etc, such products as belts, name labels, radial tacking in caps

and special shape bartacking.

GT221E-3020  Sewing area:300x200mm

GT224E-6040  Sewing area: 600x400mm

This series machines are the high speed large sewing area computer-controlled 

cycle machine with the input function. Semi-dry machine head with the durable 

mechanical and electric components, monolithic feeding frame, programmable 

intermediate presser foot ensures multi-layers materials stitch easily and smoothly, 

electric thread tension regulation, modern fashion large screen touchable panel, 

easy and simple pattern edit software with USB pattern transfer between machines 

and PC. Suitable for sewing various kinds of stitching, making the most out of its 

wider sewing area in various sewing works such as attaching handles to bags and 

pouches, attaching belts, sewing many small parts at a time, attaching parts to 

shoes and sports shoes and sewing air bags etc.

GT90A-12080  Automatic template sewing machine(sewing area:1200x800mm)


This machine is the extra large area pattern sewing machine for free moulds sewing. It comes with electronic thread tension device and thread broken detection device, with dry machine head which avoid polluting the material, with large LED touchable panel, easy to programming and use USB input. The machine can automatically recognize different moulds and sew on it, during the sewing, the mid presser foot can automatically adjust the height according to the material thickness.

GT1254    Split Head Computer-controlled Pattern Machine

This is one high speed computer-controlled patter machine with the split sewing 

machine head. Special designed sewing head controlled by the cylinder for the 

different thickness material,regualr foot lift is 95mm and its max.foot lift can up to 110mm. Suitable for thickness and extra thickness materials, such as cushion,car seats,god mat etc

GA204-105   1&2 Needle, Bottom Feed, Ornamental Stitch machine

                    (Thick Thread)

This machine is one bottom feed,extra heavy duty,ornamental stitches machines,

1&2 needle controlled by the rotary needle bar, top&bottom feed(roller feet as 

the option), large shuttle hook with large bobbin capacity.1&2 needles version 

with 7 cams to realize 14 different ornamental stitches Suitable for sewing 

heavy duty and extra heavy duty materials with the thick thread, such as sofa, 

car upholstery, bags etc.

GA204-105A   1/2 Needle, Top&bottom feed, Ornamental Stitch(Thick thread)

This machine is one computer-controlled ornamental stitches machines,1&2 needle 

controlled by the rotary needle bar, top&bottom feed(roller feet as the option), 

large shuttle hook with large bobbin capacity,small and simple panel with the easy 

reading, 200 different patterns available(1&2 needle),the pattern edit software 

provided extra patterns function. Suitable for sewing heavy duty and extra heavy 

duty materials with the thick thread,such as sofa,shoes,car upholstery,bags etc.

GA204-106  1 needle,Top and bottom feed,Ornamental stitch(Thick thread)


This machine is single needle, top and bottom feed, electronic ornamental stitch machine, it is developed on the zigzag machine, which can sew 100 different patterns. It is suitable for sewing heavy to extra heavy duty materials, such as leather products, tents, sofa, etc.

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