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GA204-102   2-Needle, Bottom Feed with roller feet, Moccasin(Thick Thread)

This is one 2-needle,bottom feed with the roller feet, extra heavy duty, moccasin 

lockstitch sewing machine, equipped with the large barrel-shuttle hook and large 

bobbin,12 mmlong stitches for decorative topstitching seams, normal moccasin 

stitch or cord-insert moccasin stitch; Roller presser foot (standard) and flat 

presser foot are available for different sewing operations. Specially designed 

for sewing various widths and sizes cord as required by the footwear as well 

as other leather products.

GA1243   1-needle, compound feed with driven roller presser foot


This machine is wheel feed, driven roller feed and needle feed mechanism, with large vertical hook. Adopt ball and needle bearing, and link type thread take-up lever. For sewing medium to heavy weight materials, suitable for sewing shoes, bags, leather products, etc.

GA205-MO-25   Top & bottom Feed (Thick thread)

This series machines are developed based on our regular GA205-370 with 

the different feeding system as above.The larges shuttle hook and large 

working space ensure the high working efficiency. Suitable for sewing

heavy duty and extra heavy duty materials with the thick thread,especially

for the shoes sole application, such as sandal,bags,suitcase etc.

GB6-810   1&2 Needle,Bottom Feed with roller feet(Thick thread)

This is 1&2 needle bottom feed ornamental stitch machine with the roller feet.

Special designed for the shoe industry.Large shuttle hook with the large bobbin.

9 different stitches can be realized by changing the cam and gear. Suitable for 

sewing on decorative stitch(thread thick)on the shoes upper, footware, bags etc.

GC2971   12" Arm Length, Large Hook

GC2973   18" Arm Length, Large Hook

This series machines are special designed for leather repair(patch) works.

Large hook, feet can be adjusted in full 360 degree circle.Two different 

driven by the motor and manual. Mainly used to repair stitching and tears 

in shoe and boot uppers, as well as other products, such bags, toys etc.

GT1591D/GT1591D-H   1-needle,wheel feed,driven roller feed and needle feed

GT1574D/GT1574D-H   2-needle,wheel feed,driven roller feed and needle feed

(H: thick thread)


These machine are high speed direct drive fully automatic lockstitch sewing machines, with wheel feed, riven roller feed and needle feed, standard rotary hook.With auto thread trimmer, auto foot lift and auto backtacking. Newly designed body with integrated control box. Built-in energy saving motor. Trimming thread ends 10mm. Also come with the manual backtacking handle.It is suitable for sewing high quality shoes, such as leather shoes, leisure shoes, sport shoes, etc.

GT2150H     Post bed, Bottom Feed

GT2153H     Post bed, Top&bottom Feed

This series machines are the post-bed zigzag machine(180mmheight post), large 

hook, high working efficiency. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy duty material, 

such as leather shoes, leisure boots, caps, bags, etc.

GT2150MX     Cylinder bed, Auto lubrication,Bottom Feed

GT2153MX     Cylinder bed,Auto lubrication,Top and bottom feed

This series machines are equipped with the large hook, high working efficiency. 

The small diameter cylinder(80mm)ensures the small tubular products sewing 

application. Also, the binder as the option. Suitable or sewing medium to heavy 

weight materials,such as shoes,bags,gloves etc.

GT2156   Feed-off-arm, Top&bottom Feed

This is one special feed-off-arm zigzag machine, adopts the bottom and top feed

with the small hook. 45mmsmall diameter cylinder,and the open type top cover 

ensures the simple maintenance. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy duty 

products, such as leather shoes, leisure boots, caps, bags, etc. 

GT600            Auto lubrication overseaming machine

GT600-3         Direct drive, with pneumatic foot lift

GT600-3-PE   Direct drive, with auto thread trimmer


Single needle, disc feed, overseaming machine. It adopts the automatic lubrication system, high arm and large operation space, and with push button to adjust the stitch length. Suitable for sewing shoes, gloves, leather products, etc. GT600-3 is direct drive, with pneumatic foot lift and auto needle position, GT600-3-PE is direct drive, with auto thread trimmer, auto needle position and pneumatic foot lift.

GB4-810     Double thread side seaming machine

GB4-810A  Straight arm double thread side seaming machine


This machine is mainly used for side seaming of sport shoes, casual shoes, slippers, etc. With automatic stop function when thread jamming, and it adopted servo control system, which has the function of auto needle position and auto foot lift. The sewing speed can be adjusted according to the operator, the max.sewing speed can be 1000SPM.

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